03 mai 2021
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Emission du lundi 3 Mai 2021.

La playlist de l'émission :

Jupiter & Okwess - Na Kozonga
Jupiter & Okwess - You Sold Me A Dream (feat Ana Tijoux)
Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz - Thorns in the Laws of Attraction
Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz - Run Away With Her
The Zenmenn - Flags Of The World
The Zenmenn - Salad Bar
Field Music - Out of the Frame
Field Music - Not When You’re In Love
Vacation Forever - You Gotta Hustle
VERBOTEN BERLIN - Opposite Of Sadness
Mass Experience - The Way It Makes Me Feel
Twin Envy  Another Life
Vilde - Holograms


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